Agile Transformation Executive Bootcamp


A big fallacy of Agile is that it is only a process change. In fact, adopting and transforming your organization to Agile requires a reevaluation of company culture and demands a mindshift change from leadership. In this 1-day workshop, executives, senior leadership, stakeholders and managers will learn how to  successfully lead their organization through the transformation. Participants will also gain a high-level understanding of Agile and the Scrum framework in order to understand how teams will operate. Most importantly, this training seeks to teach leaders changes to their role and day-to-day during the transformation and skills needed to become a valuable leader of an Agile organization.

Agile Transformation Executive Bootcamp Learning Outcomes

Current Industry Challenges And Solutions

Surveys have shown Agile to help solve challenges experienced by technical teams like slow delivery, lack of predictability, inability to adapt to changes, and lack of innovation. Traditional methods of building software is inherently risky with its emphasis on pre-planning and sequential delivery. Agile helps to deliver more value while allowing flexibility through continuous production loops that deliver product increments and shorter user feedback loops that enable teams to make changes.  

Agile And Scrum Overview

It is necessary for the leadership team to understand the new vocabulary and practices teams will be using. The Agile and Scrum overview is a high-level look at Agile and Lean values and principles and how Agile is different from traditional development methods. Core elements of the Scrum Framework such as events and roles will be discussed.

Core Elements Of An Agile Mindset

The trainer will discuss the characteristics of an Agile mindset and how certain practices perpetuate agility such as making work visible, limiting work in progress, shortening feedback loops, and how to create a culture of continuous improvement for self-organizing teams.

How To Lead An Agile Organization

An Agile transformation is a big investment of time and resources and how leaders manage the transformation plays a big role in its success. The bootcamp teaches leadership common transformation hazards and how to avoid them, how to measure the Agile initiative, and the impact of Agile on organizational structure.

Leadership Bootcamp Deliverables

  • Aligned vision for organization post-transformation
  • Success metrics
  • Single voice on mission and how to communicate the mission to the organization
  • Determined transformation starting points
  • Formation of an Agile transformation leadership team

The 1-day class will be followed with 2-hour remote leadership coaching sessions at 30, 60 and 90 days for key leaders and stakeholders.