Agile Kickoff Bootcamp


For teams who want to put Agile adoption on hyperdrive, the Agile Kickoff Bootcamp combines training and coaching to educate your teams on the core concepts of Agile, Scrum and Lean and then get them practicing under the guidance of a coach. The first half of the bootcamp is spent in the classroom learning the Agile vocabulary and processes while the last half focuses on implementation. Coaches will focus on preparing teams for their first Sprint by building their initial product backlog and get their first Sprint started.

Agile Kickoff Bootcamp Outcomes

Through a combination of immersive training and coaching, teams will:

  • Acquire the foundational knowledge needed to put agile into everyday practice
  • Establish working agreements and essential artifacts to support your high-performing agile team (including Definition of Done, Task Board, Sprint cadence, etc.)
  • Roles and Responsibilities are defined and key people are functioning in their roles
  • Create an initial product backlog ready for sprint planning
  • Conduct the first sprint planning session
  • Launch the first sprint

Bootcamp training is available as either certification (CSM) or non-certification (ASF) training. For information about Agile Velocity Certified ScrumMaster training, contact