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Assess your organization's Agility in 19 questions

Having trouble deciding which approach (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) is right for you?

Agile Velocity can educate you on the various approaches and discuss which might be best for you.  Our Agile practitioners stay current with the latest changes in Agile frameworks and practices and can share their knowledge with you.  We have successfully aided companies in their decision making and transformation process.

Not sure where to get started?

We can accelerate the process.  Our proven approach to transformation will help you realize the benefits of Agile early and often.  Agile Velocity understands each company has its own unique path and can customize your Agile transformation.

What problems might we encounter?

We have years of practical experience to help identify and avoid many of the pitfalls that companies face.  While each company is unique, there are very similar patterns you will face on your agile journey.

How will this work across our company?

Agile Velocity recognizes the need for aligned leadership across the company and can help break down barriers across departments.  We work with the business so they understand how an Agile adoption impacts the way they work today.  We help you identify how culture can help or hinder your Agile transformation.