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We take a hands-on approach to helping teams identify and improve their Agile practices.

Has your team been “doing” Agile but it’s not working?

There can be many reasons why Agile might not be working for you. We can help you assess where Agile is falling short. Agile Velocity specializes in identifying and correcting problems through education, coaching, and mentoring.

Are you still struggling with quality issues?

Quality isn’t a single step in a process, it is the heart of the process. If quality isn’t key to each step in the process, the process fails. Agile Velocity understands the common pitfalls of overlooking one of the fundamental concepts of Agile—building quality in. We provide training and business development experts that focus on quality.

Not sure if you’re building the highest valued features? Wondering what customers think of the latest release?

Agile Velocity recognizes the need to capitalize on opportunities and adjust to the market. We can help you identify trade-offs and make the right decisions for your customers. We help you learn faster and apply what you’ve learned to gain a competitive advantage.

Feel like you’re not gaining productivity? Not releasing faster?

Whether features are not being completed on time or there are delays releasing them, we can help. We will work together to identify ways to continuously improve and stay fast.