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I have heard about Agile, but I am still not sure what it really is or what is involved.

Whether you are experiencing quality issues, have limited visibility or predictability on your releases, or are having trouble acting quickly enough for your customers, we can help you understand how Agile addresses these common product planning and delivery concerns. We work with product development teams to understand their needs to customize an agile transformation approach to work in your environment. Agile Velocity can provide a free consultation to help determine if Agile will work for you.

I’m not sure my issues or environment are a good fit for Agile.

We have experience applying Agile to varied teams and products in specialized environments. Agile Velocity can help you understand how Agile can work in your organization and team structure and anticipate the challenges you may face. We can help by assessing your current environment and help you develop an adoption strategy.

How would Agile be different than what we do now?

Agile Velocity can help you evaluate your current processes and compare those with an Agile approach.  We can evaluate your readiness for change and help you understand where Agile can help the most.