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Becoming predictable is a key benefit of Agile and one most organizations cite for making the transformation. After teams and leadership have consciously made the decision to adopt Agile, our coaches will teach practices and processes teams and leaders will need to apply these new Agile concepts. Coaches model the new Agile concepts and practices  then support team members as they begin to implement until the team has stabilized and are able to achieve a level of predictable flow. Coaches will also work with leadership to remove impediments and facilitate this new way of working–all with predictability in mind.

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The number of Scrum ceremonies are not a metrics for gauging the success of an Agile transformation. Agile assessment ensures organizations have clear and measurable objectives to which everyone is committed to achieving. During a multi-week time period, Agile Velocity will work with teams and key leaders to assess current processes with baseline measurements, identify potential improvements, and recommendations for becoming more effective.


Agile transformations begin by learning new concepts for working and understanding how to apply new practices. Knowledge is obtained through an onsite 2-day workshop with members of the teams and leadership. Agile Velocity’s highly engaging hands-on learning environment will be one of the best your team has ever experienced.

Team Adoption

Each team will be assigned an Agile Velocity Agile Coach to help guide and support them through the adoption and learning of these new techniques during the first 8 weeks. During this learning period, the Agile Coach will model, assist, and observe over three iteration sequences.  Initially they are focused on helping teams transition but move to optimization as teams gain confidence and ability.

Leadership and Organizational Change

Agile transformations will impact culture, structure and leadership style of the organization. Our Enterprise Coaches work with front line managers up to executives to mentor them on shifts needed to engage and empower the workforce.

Agile Product Management (Scale)

As teams work to adopt new practices,  coaches will also support changes necessary at a product and project planning level as how these initiatives are organized, estimated, planned, staffed, etc. will also change. Product Managers, Project Managers, Business stakeholders will all need support and guidance through this process. Our Senior Agile Coaches will work with them to apply scaling techniques appropriate to the particular environment be it SAFe®, LeSS®, etc.  

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