Team Adoption Coaching

Achieving predictability is at the heart of the team coaching service. We focus on helping teams replace old behaviors and processes with a new mindset and skills that will create agility and a culture of high performance. Over a span of several months, coaches help teams self organize around cross-functional work to achieve a predictable cadence of value delivery and begin a journey of measured continuous improvement.

Team Adoption Coaching Outcomes

Fulfillment of Agile Roles

Coaches will help teams restructure from component to cross-functional and fill new Agile roles like Product Owner and ScrumMaster. They will work with each team to clarify questions around role responsibilities and how each team member will work together to optimize value delivery.

Team Chartering

How will the new team work together? Coaches will guide teams through team formation including creating essential artifacts to support Agile teams such as Definition of Done, task board, Sprint cadence, etc.

Product Owner & ScrumMaster Mentorship

Coaches will work with Product Owners and ScrumMasters to help them gain confidence in their new role. They will teach Product Owners necessary skills to make product decisions and engage with stakeholders and help ScrumMasters facilitate team activities and foster continuous improvement.

Achieve Predictable Cadence Of Delivery

By the end of the engagement, teams will have used new tools, processes, and skills to deploy working product increments in a predictable manner.