Organizational Change Coaching

How quickly an Agile transformation achieves results depends on the leaders of the organization.  An engaged, invested team of leaders partnering with a coach results in faster adoption, reduction in resistance, less risk of failure, and more engaged teams working together to ensure the transformation is successful.

Every facet of how work gets done– from how it is organized, funded, monitored, measured, incentivized and delivered– will be challenged. Even how the vision is created will be affected.  Teams look to leaders in times of change; Agile is no exception. Leaders set the tone and pave the way for agility by and aligning as a leadership team to embrace and model the desired behaviors. This is vital to success. Agile Velocity helps leaders navigate the change and ensure all tiers are set up for success. Our coaches push leadership to move the transformation forward and will make sure behaviors do not revert back to old destructive habits.

Organizational Change Coaching Outcomes

Organizational Alignment

We will leverage proven organizational change models to help guide your team on how to lead a successful Agile organizational transformation .Here, coaches work with leaders to visualize and assess the whole value stream, identify changes in tempo of value flow, monitor and measure the efficiency of processes and systems, and ultimately determine ways to enable constant flow for more frequent delivery of user value. Agile Velocity will also partner with leadership to determine areas to potentially modify the organizational structure to optimize value delivery.

Create A Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Process is just one part of an Agile transformation. According to industry surveys, culture continues to be the downfall of many Agile transformations. Here, leaders learn how to create and foster a culture that rewards continuous learning and improvement. They learn how to use the transparency inherent in Agile processes to unlock potential not micromanage teams. Many facets of work, including performance measurement and compensation, will be evaluated. Agile coaches will work with leaders to determine how best to demonstrate value for associates and rewards performance of teams and individuals in the new environment.  

Create Mindset Of An Agile Leader

As an organization becomes more Agile, teams are empowered to self-organized around their work, leaving time for leaders to work on setting strategic vision and ensure alignment across the organization. They also have more time to support their teams as servant leaders, removing impediments, mentorship, and professional development.   

Coaching leaders how to engage the team during the transformation will accelerate the change and mitigate the risk of change rejection. It allows leaders to have access to a coach to help guide their journey, focus on the biggest-value items for their teams and avoid making harmful decisions in a lighter-touch, laser-focused manner.  Leaders may need to provide the coach with access to teams and direct reports to understand where the organization is on their journey and obtaining the non-leader POV.