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What is Agile Coaching?

Coaching is the act of helping people achieve their desired outcomes. The path to agile adoption isn’t easy.  Many organizations attempt implementation on their own and miss realizing the full benefits of agile because the challenges lead to partial implementation it or abandonment.  The organizations successfully adopting agile on their own often modify processes or implement bad habits keeping them from realizing the success agile can provide.

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Coaching Services

Organizational Change Coaching

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Create a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Create mindset of an Agile Leader

Team Adoption Coaching

  • Fulfillment of Agile Roles
  • Team Chartering
  • Product Owner and ScrumMaster Mentorship
  • Achieve Predictable Cadence of Delivery

Agile Scale/Multi-team Coaching

  • Create Scaling Infrastructure
  • Create visibility around the initiative, impediments, and progress
  • Prioritize initiatives]
  • Achieve product flow
  • Create value-driven System and Culture


Deliver Double the Value in Half the Time

David Hawks, CST, CSC, and CEO, explains how to receive the full benefits of agile, no matter what stage of agile adoption you are in.   Learn how technical player-coaches help organizations deliver double the value in half the time.

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