Agile Master Program - ScrumMaster

Maybe you’ve taken the CSM class and received your certification. Or perhaps you’ve been working as a ScrumMaster for a while, without the official CSM. Regardless of your background, what you’ve no doubt realized is that there’s more to the role than is covered in basic training or books.

This 2 Day training takes you to the next level, focusing on a core set of ScrumMaster skills and tools that up your game in terms of delivering value, accelerating your career, and improving the performance of your teams.

Advanced ScrumMaster Skills is for those who have experience as a practicing ScrumMaster, Iteration Manager or Project Manager or have taken training for Certified Scrum Master®, Professional Scrum Master™ and similar courses.

What You Can Expect to Learn


Facilitation is a skill that takes constant practice. In this course, you will review and practice key elements for preparation and follow-up after a Scrum event.

  • Describe the steps in preparing for an event
  • Demonstrate two or more facilitation techniques
  • Learn tools to increase the effectiveness of an event
  • Explain the importance of follow-up

Fostering a Continuous Improvement Culture

We often hear terms like “post-mortem”, “scapegoat”, and “CYA”, and experience things like fault-finding, blame-assigning, and self-defense. In this module, you explore what “continuous improvement” means and your role in facilitating and encouraging it.

  • Define “continuous improvement”
  • Share a plan for a specific team’s continuous improvement
  • Describe ideas for organizational continuous improvement
  • Understand how to use retrospectives and beyond
  • Learn how to encourage ownership

Value Stream Mapping

Coming from Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping is a powerful tool that helped Toyota become a leading automobile manufacturer. Lean focuses as much on waste as it does on continuous improvement, since they are inextricably linked.

  • Apply the fundamentals of Value Stream Mapping
  • Explain activity versus waste
  • Define the forms of waste and how they appear in the VSM
  • Create a Value Stream Map

Managing Stakeholders

While the Product Owner has the primary responsibility of working with stakeholders and translating their goals and needs to the team, the ScrumMaster is also part of that process. Clearing obstacles, clarifying dependencies, and communicating progress to the stakeholders all come into play.

  • Describe the relationship between ScrumMaster and Stakeholders
  • List several tools you can use for facilitating communication
  • Describe the relationship between ScrumMaster and Product Owner

Selling Agile Throughout the Organization

Agile is not a solution, it is a path. Sounds very Zen, doesn’t it? It’s all about mindset and benefits. You should expect others in the organization to ask “What’s in it for me?” Responding to WIIFM will help you help your team to be more effective and more productive.

  • Describe the benefits to your stakeholders, customers, and users
  • Define several ways in which you can engage others within the organization

Conflict Resolution

One of the challenges any ScrumMaster, Facilitator, or Coach faces is dealing with conflict. Conflict is inevitable whenever there is more than one person present. Becoming skilled at dealing with, reducing, and resolving conflict is one of the things that distinguishes masterful ScrumMasters.

  • List two or more tools/techniques for addressing and dealing with conflict in a team
  • Understand empowering approaches to conflict resolutions
  • Demonstrate one conflict mediation technique
  • Define “conflict”

Previous Attendees Have Said

“Agile Velocity’s Advanced Scrum Master class goes beyond foundations and gets into the how and why. Can’t wait to try this stuff at the office”

“Doc List is a presenter worth traveling from any part of the world to experience”

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

PMPs: You can claim 14 PDUs for this course.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel up to 10 days prior to the class and receive a 90% refund or transfer to a future date, based on availability. No refunds will be provided within 10 days of the class.