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Stop Wasting $$$ Building So Much Crap!

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So many teams have a list of projects laid out on a roadmap sometimes months or years out, without a clear idea of how success is measured. Are they being measured based on the number of projects completed? Getting them done “on time”? High quality? Team utilization? Are any of these things helping meet the company objectives?

When did we stop experimenting and start believing we were always right?

Why are we spending so much money building things that may or may not have any real value? How are we even determining what we build?

We have spent years calling ourselves Lean or Agile, as we optimize the delivery of the highest priority items in our backlogs. That is making the big assumption that we’re building the right things. What we are probably doing, though, is building the wrong things, faster.

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Order Up! Agile & Lean Lessons From The Restaurant Industry

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Three weeks ago. It’s Friday night. We’re in a lazy mood so we hop in the car and go to the new neighborhood pizza place, Aviator Pizza. It’s our second time to go and it’s even busier than the first time, which is a good sign. The burger joint that occupied this space prior to Aviator didn’t last long.

Seems like blue skies are ahead for Aviator.

We order at the bar and find an open table to wait for our food and I spot the sign next to the side door. Written on a small chalkboard, “Grand Opening – March 4th.”

Since I started working in the Agile industry, I’ve started to see Agile and Lean thinking outside software development. Apparently, work followed me to pizza night. Read More »

Getting to Done

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Part 5 of 6 in the “Double the Value in Half the Time” series based on David Hawks’ presentation from Keep Austin Agile 2015. Stay tuned for subsequent posts…

The fifth problem… we’re not getting things done. This is the Scrumbut part of Scrum. “Yeah, we do Scrum but we carry over stuff every sprint. The work just doesn’t fit in two weeks.” We have to figure how to break work down so it can be finished in a sprint. If not, we’re not getting to done and we’re not getting that potentially shippable product increment.

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Shorten Feedback Cycles

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Part 3 of 6 in the “Double the Value in Half the Time” series based on David Hawks’ presentation from Keep Austin Agile 2015. Stay tuned for subsequent posts…

The third problem holding teams back is long feedback loops. Some of us have long feedback loops, while others have no feedback loops at all! And therefore we’re not learning. We’re not getting new information.

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The New Focus of Agile Product Development: An Intro to Product Discovery

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It’s been over 10 years since the official Agile movement startedㅡa time when companies were focused on projects, deadlines and budgets. Agile approaches shifted thinking from large, single delivery linear projects to small incremental, continuously delivered features. This shift demanded changes in thinking around many parts of the organization.

Managing the complex environment of delivering software forced new business structures that allowed these environments to thrive. Examples include continuous integration, one button releases, test automation and most importantly, the breakdown of departmental silos and the push for collocated teams comprised of people needed to deliver the product. Read More »