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Portfolio Kanban: Applying Lean & Agile Principles At The Portfolio Level [Keep Austin Agile 2016]

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Presented at Keep Austin Agile 2016, William Baxter explains how a true Agile transformation goes beyond the team level and team practices through his experience coaching a media company in New York City. The case study presentation explores the good and the bad, the successes and failures. A favorite tip you can implement right away? Adding team faces to your board to humanize the process and conversation. This is especially important for distributed team members.

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Is The Tesla Model 3 A Lean Mean Driving Machine?

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Tesla unveiled the next addition to its premium electric vehicle family, the Model 3, last week. At $35,000, Elon Musk made good on his promise for an “affordable” EV option and the public has responded by exceeded expectations for the slow rollout. According to Bloomberg, there are more than 325,000 reservations giving Tesla Motors Inc a nice $325M cash asset infusion. Implied future sales makes it the “single biggest one-week launch of any product ever,” according to the company’s blog.

Even though the EV will not be available until late 2017, buyers reserved their very own Model 3 for $1,000 pre-test drive.

Is this Lean in action?

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Building Shared Understanding: The Document Revolution in Product and Software Development

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There is no doubt that the in-vogue tool today in product and software development is the “canvas”. Everywhere you look a new version appears touting new value and insights: Business Models, Opportunities Assessments, Organizational Visioning, and Sales Strategy. It seems like anything can be made into a canvas!

Canvases are the consequence of new innovative practices challenging the status quo of established organizations and social rules of how to run a business. It is a sign of the transition from traditional document driven product development to innovative and collaborative product development. Read More »

Lean: Purity vs. Pragmatism

| By agilevelocity in Agile, Kanban/ Lean, Process | 0 Comments “That’s not Agile!”

“We’re not being lean enough.”

“We’re not supposed to make deliverables!”

Sound familiar?

I hear these statements all the time from teams moving towards a more evidence-based approach to product discovery, conception and production. Somewhere, someone made a decision for the teams to now “do Agile & Lean” and so, books were bought, conferences attended and index cards purchased. The teams set off with a healthy mix of trepidation and optimism and began practicing the newly learned processes – visions of stand-ups, post-it notes, IPM’s and validated learning in their heads.

Except it’s never that clean.

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Building In-House Agile Innovation Teams: Transparency

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Lean UX by Jeff GothelfIn the first post of the series I discussed the basic building blocks of a successful in-house innovation team: small, dedicated, collocated and self-sufficient. In this post, I’m going to talk about a key philosophy for these teams: transparency. It’s not in our nature to be transparent in the business world (or in the personal world for that matter). From the baseball diamonds of little league to the lecture halls of business school, we’re taught to be competitive and to push ahead of our colleagues. After all, it is our individual ideas and skillsets that define the quality of our work and our discipline and set us apart from our colleagues. How can being transparent – with our thoughts, our tools, techniques and ideas – possibly help us excel as individuals, as a team and as a company? Read More »

Recap of LSSC12 Conference

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I just returned from the Lean Software and Systems conference in Boston. There was a definite common thread around learning cultures and a focus on treating our industry as a set of scientific experiments. The heavy influence from the Lean Startup movement was prevalent. Here are some of my takeaways for those that were not able to attend. Read More »

Kanban vs. Scrum – How to Choose?

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Kanban vs. Scrum – How to Choose?


My clients frequently ask me when to use Kanban and when they should use Scrum. To form a recommendation, these are some of the questions I ask:

Do your priorities change often? Do you have trouble locking scope for 1-2 weeks at a time? Do you have more than 25% scope churn during a 2 week period?

Kanban development oversimplified: a simple explanation of how Kanban adds to the ever-growing Agile toolkit

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I am still trying to figure out where Kanban fits in this Agile world. Some part of me thinks it is for people that can’t be disciplined enough to do Scrum well, but I can see some use for some support and sustaining development teams whose priorities may change very often due to business needs. I stumbled on this article as a decent primer to Kanban.

Kanban development oversimplified: a simple explanation of how
Kanban adds to the ever-growing Agile toolkit