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7 Agile Coaching Roles Besides An Agile Coach

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Vince Lombardi. Phil Jackson. Pat Summit. These are some of the greatest coaches in the history of sports. But what does being a coach really mean? While they are experts of the game at hand, chances are, being an SME is only 50% of what a coach does or is.

A great coach takes on many different roles throughout the relationship,from a defensive coordinator to a father figure. The same is true for an Agile Coach. By effectively and fluidly moving between these roles, a good coach can apply their knowledge and talents to help their clients achieve their best results.

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The News Cycle, Breakpoints, And Coaching Opportunities

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During the first session of the Professional Coaching Course with New Ventures West, we discussed the idea that we as people live within our own self-sealed and self-reinforcing narrative. Within that narrative, our interactions with the world around us are interpreted and, through that interpretation, used to reinforce the strength of our narrative. Similar to the current political news cycles, we select the interpretation of the world that fits our worldview which further provides more sources to convince us that our narrative is “correct”.

An opportunity for coaching, and thus learning, happens when someone has a break in their narrative because of a new piece of gained information or a new event that despite best efforts will not fit in the current narrative and pops the filter bubble.

The same is true when developing software.

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How to Fight the Chaos Phase of Agile Adoption and Win with an Agile Coach

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Change can be difficult. The Agile adoption period can be tricky and it’s important to use an Agile coach to help reap the benefits of Agile methodology.
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Developed by Virginia Satir, the Satir Change Model illustrates the impact a well-assimilated change has on group performance over time.

With its curved check trend, the Satir Change Model shows that the adoption of new concepts is not always smooth. Performance typically hits a point much lower than the status quo. The model shows that while change can be good, it is usually bad at first. Read More »

Getting to Done

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Part 5 of 6 in the “Double the Value in Half the Time” series based on David Hawks’ presentation from Keep Austin Agile 2015. Stay tuned for subsequent posts…

The fifth problem… we’re not getting things done. This is the Scrumbut part of Scrum. “Yeah, we do Scrum but we carry over stuff every sprint. The work just doesn’t fit in two weeks.” We have to figure how to break work down so it can be finished in a sprint. If not, we’re not getting to done and we’re not getting that potentially shippable product increment.

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Training and Return on Investment

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Leaders and managers know that development and training of their employees is critical to the growth and success of an organization.  However, it can be difficult to justify without the hard numbers to back up the value of education.  In addition, as leaders are pressured with time and cost constraints, the training budget is often the first to go.  This research demonstrates the positive impact of training and return on investment.    Read More »

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