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WEBINAR – Stop Sabotaging Your Agile Transformation

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An Agile adoption and transformation require a lot of change at all levels of a company. Most importantly, it’s more than a process change, a concept that can cause leaders to stumble as they move their teams forward. For leaders, it’s important to leave some traditional management ideas behind in favor of a more Agile leadership approach. In this webinar, David Hawks breaks down four major obstacles  leadership faces during an Agile adoption and transformation:

  1. Driving vs. Supporting
  2. Lack of Support to Improve
  3. Drowning in a Sea of Opportunity
  4. Focus on Output vs. Outcome


Webinar Recording

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Do this, Not that: 8 Bad Habits Sabotaging Your Agile Transformation

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break bad habits, build good habits - motivational reminder on colorful sticky notes - self-development concept

There are a lot of bad work habits: being late, checking Facebook too* many times, not putting your dirty coffee mug in the dishwasher, and interrupting your coworkers during meetings. Bad habits are “bad” because results are negative. They become even more destructive when they directly oppose a goal, e.g., late-night eating when you’re trying to lose weight.

It’s the same with Agile.

During an Agile transformation or adoption, behaviors that were innocent, even positive, can pause momentum or even BLOCK progress. That’s because Agile is not just a process change. Truly becoming Agile involves updating practices and taking a long, hard look at company culture. Below are nine bad behaviors to curb and good replacements if you want to make sure Agile sticks.

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Q&A: Allison Pollard Answers Myths, Mobbing, Morals & Craftsmanship

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Principal Agile coach Allison Pollard was kind enough to take a break from her busy Keep Austin Agile schedule to discuss how to create a craftsmanship culture, management’s role during a tech turnaround, and the developer secret handshake.

Watch the full video below…full transcript also included.

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Path To Agility: Adoption Patterns To Overcome Pitfalls – Keep Austin Agile 2016 [Video]

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Where are you on the Path to Agility?

In a presentation for Keep Austin Agile 2016, David Hawks explained each phase of the Agility journey including examples of typical challenges encountered along the way. Apologies for the abrupt pause in the middle of the video…a fire drill caused us to evacuate. Thankfully, the drill was just that. Watch the full video or read the transcript below.

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Agile And The Death Of Annual Reviews

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Annual-review - Elevated HR

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One of my (many) mantras is “an Agile team succeeds or fails together.” To elaborate, I mean that the stronger/more effective and weaker/less effective members of the team should all be combined to deliver more value. No more culture of fault and blame (“it’s all HIS fault”) or culture of heroism (“we can always count on HER”). If Joe isn’t pulling his weight, the team helps him. If Pradeepa is usually a star, her success is based on the team’s success and in helping the Joe’s of the team.

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AgileAmped, Agile Velocity Style

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Last week at Keep Austin Agile 2016, David Hawks and Doc List sat down with SolutionsIQ to discuss their respective sessions at this year’s conference.

We will have the full recorded sessions and presentations available in the next few weeks. For now, here’s a short preview.

Doc List: Welcome To The Matrix! Organizational Structures To Support Agile


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Path To Agility™ — Pt. 2

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Whether it’s to improve quality, shorten time to market, or increase the customer value of the products delivered, there are many benefits to true, lasting organizational Agility. But there are many facets and steps an organization takes during their journey…after all, nothing worth having comes easy.

In the last blog post, we covered the first two building blocks of Agility: align and learn. It’s time to discuss the next three: predict, accelerate, and adapt.

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Path To Agility™ – Pt. 1

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Hiking the Mountains


Most organizations adopt Agile in pursuit of one or more of the following:

  • Shorten Time to Market
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Alignment with the Business
  • Improve Predictability

What we have found through our experience helping organizations with their Agile transformation is that certain elements are needed to achieve these goals. While there is no one path or cookie cutter model, there are areas of focus needed in the beginning to achieve the benefits later. For example if your goal is to deploy at a higher frequency, you can’t take an unpredictable team and just have them go faster. You need to focus on getting predictable first and then you can go faster.

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Shared CARGO™And Successful Agile Teams

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AGILE cargo boxBooks like Khoi Tu’s “Superteams” and articles in the Harvard Business Review discuss what makes successful, high-performing teams. In the Agileverse¹, we talk a lot about self-organizing teams, transparency, servant leadership, and the power of cross-functional teams. One of the important aspects of these teams is the sharing that occurs and how it leads to their success. Successful Agile teams share. Agile teams recognize that to be successful they have to move away from the traditional ego identification with their work product and toward something collaborative.

Let’s consider the first of the four value statements in A Manifesto for Agile Software Development (“The Agile Manifesto”): Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. That word interactions is critical in all of this. As one colleague said to me ages ago, “processes and tools don’t create software, people do.”

I’ve identified several characteristics that I’ve found to be shared by those successful teams. I call it Agile Shared CARGO™. And of course, being a techie, it’s an acronym.

Let’s dig in…

CARGO = Commitment, Accountability, Responsibility, Goals, and Ownership

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