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Path To Agility: Adoption Patterns To Overcome Pitfalls – Keep Austin Agile 2016 [Video]

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Where are you on the Path to Agility?

In a presentation for Keep Austin Agile 2016, David Hawks explained each phase of the Agility journey including examples of typical challenges encountered along the way. Apologies for the abrupt pause in the middle of the video…a fire drill caused us to evacuate. Thankfully, the drill was just that. Watch the full video or read the transcript below.

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5 Tips to Overcome a Stalled Agile Transformation

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You finally received executive support to move forward with the agile transformation that you spent months trying to sell to them. The team is excited to start, and so are you. The department is large, approximately one hundred people, and there are several initiatives underway. You start to plan the transformation but feel paralyzed, as there are so many different ways to approach this. Panic ensues. Where should I start? What if I run into hurdles? How will I convince the teams?

Don’t worry. As agile coaches, we are faced with these questions almost daily.

In this article we will share some tips which we have found to be invaluable in overcoming this hurdle.

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Keep Austin Agile Conference – Agile Velocity Presentations

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Keep Austin Agile Conference is coming soon! Agile Austin hosts the conference on Friday, May 8 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin. Join Agile Velocity, the conference title sponsor, for a rich day of agile learning and networking, with several of our coaches presenting sessions.  Make sure you attend our sessions to learn best practices as well as gain implementable tips and tools. Read More »

Training and Return on Investment

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Leaders and managers know that development and training of their employees is critical to the growth and success of an organization.  However, it can be difficult to justify without the hard numbers to back up the value of education.  In addition, as leaders are pressured with time and cost constraints, the training budget is often the first to go.  This research demonstrates the positive impact of training and return on investment.    Read More »