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Adventures in Agile Marketing: Estimating Story Points

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A lot has happened since my last Agile marketing post about revamping the editorial calendar. For one thing, I still use my editorial calendar, but it’s become a brainstorm repository instead of an organizational tool. Also, I now have another person on my marketing team which has been a tremendous help and immense relief as we’ve been really busy with conferences, white papers, blog posts, and started the arduous process of updating the website in addition to creating physical marketing collateral.

It is a lot to manage for a two-person team so I started to look for ways to become more effective with time and bandwidth. I have a backlog and a Kanban board to visualize the work, a good first step. Now, how do I discuss what’s involved with my team and stakeholders. Specifically…

  1. How do I have meaningful conversations about scope with my team?
  2. How do I show productivity in a way that’s meaningful to stakeholders*?
  3. How do I use data to discuss and prioritize with stakeholders?

I know story points are used in development to estimate work. Can it work for marketing?

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#SGFLA – To Infinity And Beyond…

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Astronauts and Agilists Kate Megaw and Anu Smalley kick off Global Scrum Gathering Orlando


My first Scrum Gathering was a great time! I met so many interesting, smart, and kind people from the Agile community from all over the world. While there were big names who have contributed and helped grow the community over the years, a majority of attendants were like me: first-timers. According to Scrum Alliance, 55% of this year’s crowd have never attended a Scrum Gathering. This is in line with the major growth spurt Agile has experienced in the last five years.

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Adventures In Agile Marketing: The Editorial Calendar

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When was the last time that your editorial calendar got a makeover? As a marketer before Agile (BA), my editorial calendar was pretty standard: title, info, status, and dates. It was the piece of data that, I now know, was a very waterfall way of creating content. Before Agile, I never realized how much risk was involved with every blog post that went out the door.

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