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The 8 Skills Of Successful ScrumMasters – As Told Through Leslie Knope

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The ScrumMaster’s job is to realize the full potential of Scrum by facilitating meetings including all of the Scrum ceremonies, removing impediments, and resolving conflicts. It’s a good job, both in terms of financial, emotional, and intellectual gain. As teams adopt Agile, the need for certified ScrumMasters has risen as indicated by the skyrocketing rate of certifications and students. In 2013, Scrum Alliance reported 221,798 students. In 2002, there were only five.

But not everyone has the skills to be an effective ScrumMaster just like not everyone has the skills and the personality to be Leslie Knope, the Deputy Director of Parks, for the TV show Parks and Recreation. While the day-to-day of being a Director of Parks is different from that of a ScrumMaster, they share a set of hard and soft skills individuals need to be successful in both roles.

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