Agile Resources


Agile for Executives: You’re Doing it Wrong

Every year, VersionOne reports leadership is to blame for failed transformations. Turn that stat around by resolving myths and miscalculations about Agile transformations. This is a must-read for executives contemplating or beginning an Agile  transformation.












8 Common Agile Transformation Pitfalls

Protect your Agile investment. Identify Agile transformation pitfalls before they stall or derail the initiative.









How To Build High Performing Teams Through Trust & Alignment

Organizations who are trust leaders have a better chance of meeting objectives than trust stragglers. Increase your team’s chances of success by investing in trust.












Path to Agility Worksheet & Video

Download the worksheet and follow along with the video as David Hawks explains the Path to Agility™. The video explains….

• Common hazards experienced along the journey

• Symptoms of a stalled Agile transformation

• Solutions for moving forward