Agile Velocity is passionate about helping companies deliver the most value from their technology investment.

As experts in software practices and leadership we offer training, coaching and Agile transformation services.

Agile Velocity guides technology organizations to build software faster, leading to better outcomes and with the quality to last. Based in Austin, Texas, we provide public and private Agile / Scrum Training and team / company wide Agile Transformations. Our coaches will guide you through your Agile Transformation with a blend of teaching, guidance, facilitation, and support.

Our team has decades of experience delivering innovative software products. We are a skilled team of software professionals with experience in building products, leading teams and guiding organizations. Our core team has worked together on many projects in many domains over the years building trust amongst ourselves and with the stakeholders in the software we deliver. We focus on not only building the right product, but also building it the right way, fast. We embrace Agile, Scrum and Lean techniques in order to help our clients accomplish their goals.

We have a strong core of beliefs that we bring to each engagement:

Openness & Transparency

– Willingness to provide and receive feedback
– Share information to align the team
– Partner with clients through open, honest communication


– Lead through data-driven results
– Take responsibility and initiative
– Establish focus

Continuous Improvement

– Constantly learn & expand knowledge
– Empower, act without fear, affiliate spontaneously, collaborate, and innovate
– Strive to be the best


– Swarm together to get to done
– Support others when needed
– No drama


– Don’t take ourselves too seriously
– Create engaging experiences for our clients


David Hawks founded Agile Velocity when he noticed companies ineffectively building innovative software products with a lot of waste. David had experience building highly productive teams and thought he could help others optimize their software development processes. The initial core Agile Velocity team is assembled from members of these highly effective teams.